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What are the common illness that pugs have?

What are the common illness that pugs have?

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QUESTION: What are the common illness that pugs have ? My pug sometimes would pant heavily for one hour or two because of the heat. Even when I tried to turn on aircon and have plenty of water available for him. Is there any other way? What are some of the common illness that pugs might have? Oh and I have him eat dental bone  which are supposed to be good for his teeth but anything that is good for his breath?

ANSWER: Pugs are a flat faced dog which means they have a hard time breathing. You would’ve noticed that this stops after sometimes don’t let him exert too much and keep him in a cool place not too much time outside. Pugs can develop serious problems if the wrinkles on their face are not cleaned. They have respiratory illnesses too. Pugs can develop bronchitis easily.The shortened muzzle referred to as brachiocephalic is the root of breathing problems and air gulping. The main symptom for this issue is that your pug has way too many gases. At the same time breathing problems occur especially in hot humid season. Therefore air conditioning in summer months in the south is vital.Signs of heat prostration are frequent in brachiocephalic dogs. Pugs in heat pain should be cooled with cold water and taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re not a vet than don’t try to solve the pug’s breathing problems at home. You’re not proficient enough and you’d only make him suffer for a longer time. Go to a doctor. He’ll make you dog feel better. However it’s indicated to keep an ice bag on hand in order to bring your pug’s internal temperature back to normal when needed. The Pug’s eyes swell somewhat and can get injured and he can have eyelid or eyelash deformities.Tooth and gum problems are also likely to appear with this breed because of the somewhat undershot jaw. Owners should check up the mouth of a growing pup to make sure baby teeth are not retained and to watch for mouth tumors. If you read the article about pug care tips you’ll understand why brushing their teeth is highly recommended to avoid gum disease.Get your dog checked by your vet if you spot anything wrong. And yes SOME denta bones do help with bad breath!

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