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What can I do to get rid of the fleas my 4 pugs are battling?

What can I do to get rid of the fleas my 4 pugs are battling?

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1381725_608579572538802_1338936482_nQUESTION: What can I do to get rid of the fleas my 4 pugs are battling?  I spend $50 a month on my 4 pugs for Frontline and do what I can to eliminate fleas in the house but they continue to have problems. I can’t use a lot of the sprays for the house cause I have chemical asthma. I thought flea drops were suppose to stop fleas at this rate I could save my money.

ANSWER: This is what has worked for me:To treat your house sprinkle borax on all of the carpet and all along the baseboards.  Leave it there for 24 hours and then vacuum.  The borax kills the fleas by dehydrating them.  Empty the vacuum bag immediately outdoors into a plastic bag and throw it away just in case some of the fleas managed to live.  Get a spray bottle and fill it with plain water.  Add four drops lavender essential oil and four drops cedar essential oil.  Shake well and spray all of the carpets upholstery and bedding.  These oils act as a natural flea repellent.  To treat your dogs bathe them with your usual shampoo but add two drops tea tree essential oil to each pump or squirt of shampoo.  Start by making a barrier of shampoo around their necks to prevent the fleas from taking refuge in the dog’s head then work your way down the the tail.  Be sure to work the shampoo down to the skin and leave the dog lathered for five minutes to ensure the fleas are dead and rinse well.  Make your own flea collars by putting four to six drops cedar essential oil on each of your dogs’ collars.  Spray your dogs down once or twice daily with the lavender and cedar water.  Wash their bedding in hot soapy water and it down with the lavender and cedar water.  You can store sprigs of fresh rosemary with their unused bedding to keep fleas out.Remember a dog’s nose is more sensitive than a human’s.  What smells weak to us may smell very strong to them.Add garlic to your dogs’ food.  Garlic makes a dog’s blood taste bad to fleas and the fleas will leave them alone.  Do not give any dog more than one large clove of garlic a day.This is what I did and I managed to remove every flea from our six dogs and our house.Essential oils are not cheap but a vial each of lavender cedar and tea tree oils will cost less than $50 at your local health food store and last a long time.  They will eventually go rancid though so store them properly and smell them to make sure they are still fresh.Good luck!

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